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Welcome to my world of what I see behind my lens.  Here you will find a large collection of photographs I have captured throughout the years. I am a pet and wildlife photographer and I hope to share with you images of things you may have never seen before or to show you I can capture your pet or wildlife in a way you never thought possible. Each photo has a tiny piece of me included and will hopefully give you a moment of happiness or even just a smile.  Most photos are for sale and available to be printed at any size or format.

Please take the time to view your favorites and learn more about my pet sessions.
My sessions can be custom created, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss things further. 

These pages are heavy with photos, they may take a moment to load at times. Be patient! It's worth it!


Pet photography - my obsession

Some things just fill your heart without trying. Your pet fills a special place in your world and capturing that relationship is what I love to do for you. I offer a variety of sessions and can certainly offer you a custom session if that is what is necessary. All sessions are outdoor sessions to capture the natural environment and enhance the experience for both of you. Pets can include dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, reptiles, etc. Please note that I am a pet photographer first and although I will include people in my sessions, I prefer my sessions to be pet oriented.

Wildlife Photography - My passion

Wildlife photography has become a large part of my world and can be a zen-like experience for me when I'm in the field. Although I haven't had the opportunities some wildlife photographers have, I feel each moment I spend with a wild, captive, rescued or random animal fills my heart. Please take the time to visit my photographs and I hope they will bring a smile to your face as they do for me. My photos are displayed in various locations and are available to purchase in various sizes and formats. Contact me for more information.

Bird Photography - My fascination

Bird Photography is a very challenging and frustrating hobby to have. People do not understand how difficult it is to capture each moment with these species. There are so many different types of birds to capture and Lifer lists to add to. Most clicks of one's camera involves a noise of frustration as you get the perfect focus on your subject and it's gone! I am not sure how many times I've said, "There's always next time!"

Once again all photos are available for purchase to print in many formats and sizes. Some photos are posted to show they were actually sighted by me as in birding, there are many rare sightings and rare species. Enjoy and subscribe to my blog posts to learn more about my experiences and adventures.


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  1. Awesome as always.

  2. So glad you found your passion. You’ve come a long way since you started. Pretty soon I won’t be able to afford you lol
    Love your favorite sister

  3. Tina, Thanks to your creative eyes, amazing photography skills and everything you put your body through to capture those moments that take my breath away, I am able to sit back in awe, and feel the emotion and artistry that shines through! You work hard at your craft, always learning, stretching your boundaries…and it is reflected in your photos. I am so proud of you for your accomplishments, love reading your blog and look forward to seeing your future work. I’m also very lucky to have a piece of your work in my home. Everyone should own at least one!

    1. Wow! Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoy my work. It’s all I want, is to share how it makes me feel with others. I’m glad I discovered it when I did.

  4. Oh my gosh Tina, I am in such awe after viewing about your passion for your photography. I can see why your face lights up and your heart sings with excitement and the surges of joy you get for what you do…
    I too am happy you have found your passion, your are a natural at what you do. Love how you showed the crazy moments of preparations, the funny moments and that Aha, perfect moment when things all fall into place…
    Fabulous, way of letting people get to know the artist in you and your love for what you do… Congratulations Tina, very proud of what you have created.

    1. Thanks mom! It’s definitely my zen!

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