As a Graphic Designer and professional Photographer from Belleville ON, I have lived all over Ontario and love to travel and explore new places. I participate in various dog sports (Flyball and SDDA Scent Detection) which have opened my world up to include many new towns, provinces, countries and areas to explore and discover new photographic experiences.
After discovering the incredible challenge and sheer pleasure I felt from capturing the diverse beauty of wildlife, it has become almost a zen experience for me. When I'm deciding to take the day to go out shooting, I'm always saying, "Let's see what I see today".  My entire time is spent without stress, worrying or overthinking.
Wildlife is my passion but birds in particular are what gets me really excited when I'm in the field. Seeing a rare bird or what is termed a "lifer" - a bird I've never seen before, can be an incredible experience that only other birder/wildlife photographers can genuinely understand. Some people ask, why birds? It's not only their beauty but they have to be some of the most difficult things to photograph with their quick movements and literal unpredictable behaviours.
I share my adventures and experiences in the field in my new blog. Visit it here and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any new posts. It's free and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as current subscribers are. If you'd like to learn more about anything, feel free to ask!
I not only love to shoot birds and wildlife but I also love to capture that emotional connection you have with your pets. It gives me extreme pleasure to be able to show you your connections and the love of your pet through my lens. It can be a booked session or during a sport event you are attending. I love to share your love of your fuzzy butts with you through my lens. The experience I've had in dog sports and meeting so many different breeds at various events have let me to develop a love for pet photography. The resulting photos clearly show the true emotion of your pet and the feelings only they can have for you. I prefer to shoot pets in candid moments to capture the truly raw moments. I must warn you, although I say my sessions are within a limited time frame, I've been known to go a bit overboard at no cost to you!
Please take the time to view my photos. All photos are available for purchase at various sizes of choice and custom pet sessions can also be booked. I do prefer to shoot outdoors and do not do any studio photography at this time although I do have a colleague I can work with. I can come to you, at a location of your choice or can offer location suggestions.
I have had several artists use my photography as a base for their work as well have received some great moments with my photography including:
Canadian Geographic printed a Canada Jay photograph of mine in their March/April 2021 issue
Canon Europe used a photo of a Varied Thrush I took as a feature in their newsletter in March 2020
Received various features on various wildlife Instagram accounts
Artist Shannon Leigh Davis based a portion of her 2021 mural at Northern College in support of Mental Health
Winner of a photography contest at Omega Parc to have a photo displayed in their new Yurts.
Currently samples of my work are hanging on display for sale at the following locations:

Quinte Canine
987 Hwy 2, Belleville, ON
Timber Ridge Golf Course - Temp closed for season
19 Timber Ridge Drive, Brighton, ON
Marmora and Lake Public Library
37 Forsyth Ave, Marmora, ON
Please contact me for my prices and times available.
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