New Beginnings – Sharing The Adventures Behind The Lens

Originally Written Jan 3, 2021

Today as I sit out in the splendor of mother nature, I wonder what I may actually feel if I do see the coyotes. Will I be fearful? Maybe. Most likely I will be elated to capture every moment of what I can see. Even being within the small blind, there is some sense of vulnerability being out in the elements with only a camera and tripod as a defense.

I'm not overly confident I will see them today as there are no tracks in the fresh snow and the gun range nearby is rather busy although I'm sure they are used to that. Certainly makes me jump occasionally. The sounds of the snow melting off the blind make me look outside the lens holes as they sound like a small creature is snuffling around the edges of the blind.

As the time moves on, I'm disappointed to realize that again today I will not see the coyotes. Unfortunately, I am on my last chance to visit the blind for the weekend as I have personal things to attend to tomorrow and my whole being just needs to move and stop being still. The one thing I've learned about wild life photography is you can't depend on it actually happening when you want it to. I have faith my next chance to do this will be the right moment!

I decide to take the long way home, well, because I can. As I drive I'm scanning constantly, looking for movement, shapes and possible moments to capture. By the time I arrived home I had managed to catch sight of three Barred Owls and an Otter. I also spotted a Hooded Merganser but missed the shot of it to take several of the Otter.

Barred Owl

It's fascinating to be behind the lens when capturing shots of Otters. They are a whimsical and fun creature to both watch and capture. This guy wasn't very happy that I interrupted his hunting. He dove under and came up several times even though I had kept my distance. I use a large lens 150-600mm so I don't need to get too close and only took a few shots and left since I felt I disturbed him.


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