A Tease Of A Day

Originally written Jan 10, 2021. The sun was shining and it was minus 11 this morning as I made my way north to try yet again to see the coyotes. I bundled up even more knowing I would be colder today. The cold can really seep thru the ground on you when you are sitting still. I had hoped to stay longer than I have before.

The hoarfrost along the roads was spectacular in the sunshine. I thought to pull over a million times but hadn't brought the right lens with me. I did have an old wide lens with me but in the end I basically wanted to get to my destination. I often want to carry my camera as I make the trek to the blind but it's icy along the way. I am terrified of wiping out and damaging my equipment. A few shots of the frost would have been nice.

Hoarfrost - taken when I was in the blind.

I arrived at the blind just before 10am and got setup. It's now almost 1pm and I'm getting chilled. I'm obsessing over what I'm pretty sure is a hound dog baying in the distance. But is it really? I cannot see anything and there is no movement around me.

There are most definitely coyotes here. I believe they know when I'm coming and hide in the shrubs and laugh knowing I want to catch them!

I love the peace and tranquility of being here. It's a big part of why I love this so much. I'm most definitely disappointed I haven't seen any coyotes but I'm hoping my friend will have me back maybe when the days are longer.

My settings were a bit messed up with my focus in a weird spot so I only had two seconds to catch him before I startled him by accident trying to fix my settings. I apologized!! Seen along County Rd 30.

I left around 2pm sadly without seeing anything other than a couple of very puffed up Common Redpolls two feet from me. They jumped once and then carried on snacking on the brush. It was at this point I decided to drive towards Presqu'ile to see what I see once my feet thawed out. Unfortunately I only caught a glimpse of another Barred Owl along the way there and played with my wide angle lens with some views of Lake Ontario.

Wide angle shot of the shores at Presqu'ile Provincial Park