About ME
So Happy You're Here!

My passion is photography - most recently Pet Photography. It puts me in my happy place and brings me such joy to capture something you love as much as your own child. I love to capture wildlife photography as well, in particular the Red Fox is a favourite with birds a close second.

As a pet photographer, when we meet, you'll discover I'm down to earth and real. My interaction with you and your pet is professional yet comfortable and my understanding your love for your pet since I'm a pet lover too, helps make the session a wonderful experience. With many little tips and tricks up my sleeve, we can capture the look you're hoping for and beyond!

With my other passion, wildlife photography, I love being a Canadian and feel strongly I haven't seen enough of it. I hope to travel more in the future and would like to visit Bonaventure Island to shoot the Northern Gannets (DONE!), Puffins, Foxes and Whales with much luck, Cap Tourmente, Quebec for the Snow Geese and head out to BC.  I run a group on Facebook Called Traveling Photographers Network and we will be planning many adventures in the near future. Join here.

I am a huge supporter of inspiring other people to join me in my adventures and have done group trips to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, Parc Omega, Algonquin Park, Amherst Island and more. Other great locations I've photographed at include Prince Edward Point, Prince Edward County, Thickson Woods, Halls Road, Hamilton Locks, Wolfe Island, Northern Ontario, and soooo many more. This list will grow every day.

Thanks for joining me and to be sure to check out my photography. All photos can be printed in various formats and sizes. I love to hear from my visitors so feel free to get in touch with questions or comments.