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My passion is photography - wildlife, bird and pet photography - currently shooting with the Canon EOS R5 and the Canon 7D Mark II. I use a variety of lenses including several Sigma. When I'm shooting wildlife or birds, I use my Canon RF 100-500mm (sometimes add a 1.4x extender) to ethically capture them at a good distance away. My pet photography I lean towards my Sigma 70-200mm and shoot with a variety of smaller lenses in between.

I have many trips in mind that I'd like to take including a lot more Canadian travel. I love being a Canadian and feel strongly I haven't seen enough of it. Some include Bonaventure Island to shoot the Northern Gannets, Puffins, Foxes and Whales with much luck, Cap Tourmente, Quebec for the Snow Geese and heading out to BC for a few weeks for a working vacation. Of course COVID has put a stop to any long distance travel but I hope someday soon I can start again. I run a group on Facebook Called Traveling Photographers Network and we will be much more active soon. Join here.

I am a huge supporter of inspiring other people to join me in my adventures and have done group trips to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, Parc Omega, Algonquin Park, Amherst Island and more. Other great locations I've photographed at include Prince Edward Point, Prince Edward County, Thickson Woods, Halls Road, Hamilton Locks, Wolfe Island, Northern Ontario, and soooo many more. This list will grow every day. Once COVID is settled, I'll be planning again so be sure to let me know if you'd like to be included.

I can't promise to post every day but I'll share my trips and my adventures as they come! Thanks for joining me and to be sure to check out my photography. All photos can be printed in various formats and sizes. I love to hear from my visitors so feel free to get in touch with questions or comments.

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