What can I say about the Red Fox? They are definitely one of my favorites to capture behind my lens. I look forward to spring each year to be able to just sit and watch the fox kits interact with their parents and each other. It's really a joy and a happy place for me to be in. There will always be an excess of photos of them in this gallery but they are edited and captured with love and tenderness.

Red Fox are not a dangerous animal to have hanging around your property. Sadly they seem to have a reputation for eating domestic cats and yet this is a very wrong belief. Red Fox in urban settings are great at keeping the rodent and rabbit populations under control. They prefer these to your cats unless times are really tough for them. Unfortunately they will eat your chickens but that's part of life. They really don't realize we value our chickens and they are very easy for them to catch. If you want to keep them safe, keep them fenced with a net roof! They can climb very high fences! Don't fault them for eating your chickens, we love their taste too!

Remember! If you have a den or any wildlife on your property and wouldn't mind having me hang out to take photos, please get in touch with me. I am ethical when I'm shooting wildlife as I use a large lens, I never torment or harass the animals in anyway. Nor will I invade your space or your privacy. References can be given from past experiences.