Thanks so much for having me as a part of your Regionals! It was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting each and every one of you. I've gone through the majority of photos from Sunday, Oct 29, the Breed Survey and some Practice photos from Saturday. The creative sessions during lunch break on Sunday are still to come as well as a few miscellaneous shots. Please do contact me if you've had photos done.

Please visit the links below to access the photos from your class. All class photos are low resolution with no cropping or editing of any kind. Once you have made your selections, further editing will be done including light /colour adjustment, cropping, removal of obstacles and other touch ups.

Win photos and Judge / Podium photos have been edited but note due to the poor conditions of unexpected darkness, some photos can be edited further if necessary. Do not share these previews without permission.

Note each gallery has a list of all classes, win photos, etc across the top for easier navigating. Select your favourites by clicking the heart on each photo. If you are zoomed in on the photo, select Favourites at the top of the page to add to a folder. You will be prompted once for your email which will only be accessed by me to send you any final photos.

Once you have completed your selections, click the heart at the top of the page and select your list of favourites. Please click the share button at the top right and share with photographer or just email or message me to let me know you are done as well as any suggestions for editing I can see if I can attend to.

I will respond with a total and once I receive payment I will send you a download link.


All Ringside candids/action photos are $30 each with Win/Judge/Creative Session photos are $60 each. Note taxes are extra. Once I receive your favourites, we can discuss your photos and totals.

Please etransfer all payments to tsaw@arttina.com (DON'T MISS THE TWO t's). Additional Taxes apply.