Please visit the links below to access the photos from your trial. Each photo is a low resolution with a watermark presented until purchase. Do not share these previews without permission.

Note each level has a separate gallery page and are listed across the top of the page. Each day will have it's own gallery. Select your favourites by clicking the heart on each photo. If you are zoomed in on the photo, select Favourites at the top of the page to add to a folder.

You will be prompted once for your email which will only be accessed by me.

Once you have completed your selections, click the heart at the top of the page and select your list of favourites. Please click the share button at the top right and share with photographer or just email or message me to let me know you are done.

I will respond with a total and once I receive payment I will send you a download link.


All photos are $10 plus tax. Once I receive your favourites, I will respond with your total cost and once I receive payment, you will receive a download link of your favourites you have selected at a resolution high enough that you can print the photos yourself up to 8x10 without a watermark.
Please etransfer to (DON'T MISS THE TWO t's).

TITLE PHOTOS - Title photos are captured if time allows and if the weather cooperates. Do note these images are a gift from me to you and I love to do this for you. Please do not be rude or demanding in any way towards myself or the judge regarding title photos. We both love to do them but they are secondary to the flow of the trial. Please contact me if you have not received your title photo.

SibCo Scent Squad Caledon