Saturday March 18, 2023 starting at 10am until 1pm. Book ahead to reserve your spot!
Please do not call Quinte Canine as they are not booking the appointments.
They are donating their facility for the sessions only.

Each session is by donation with 100% going towards Trigger's surgery.
Sessions include 1 - 5 Digital Resolution photos depending on behaviour and time.


A GoFundMe page has been created by Tanya Dawes, owner of Pet Pawsitive's Luxury Pet Resort and she has written this to share more information regarding Trigger's surgery.

Who is Trigger you may ask? Well, Trigger is a 2.5 yr old German Shepherd that is very dear to us here at Pet Pawsitive. Trigger started coming to daycare in October 2020, showing off his social skills, he loved every dog he met. He was so gentle with all of the dogs that he assisted us with Social Assessments whenever he could. As time has passed, Trigger has started to show signs of lameness in his rear-end and after seeing multiple specialists, getting 2nd and 3rd opinions, Trigger is now facing a "Must Have" full left hip replacement due to his hip dysplasia, which is genetic.

As you can imagine, this surgery is going to be extremely costly for Catherine and her family, they are facing not only the cost of the surgery itself, but all of the extras like medications, follow-up appts, travel expenses to and from Toronto, overnight stays when required and pet care for their other pets while away in Toronto with Trigger. These expenses don't even include his long recovery process and rehabilitation expenses such as Xrays, bloodwork, assessable equipment, Physiotherapy, and, worst-case scenario if there are any complications during surgery.

The GOOD NEWS is that Trigger has 80% chance of having a full recovery with 98% of his full mobility, so how can they not go forward with this surgery?

Currently, Trigger is in a lot of pain, with less than 50% of his left hip bone mass, and it's only going to get worse as time goes on.

The only way for Trigger to have this surgery is through donations, even if you can only spare $10, every dollar counts. The anticipated cost of everything is roughly $35,000. Catherine has vowed that if any funds are left over, she will donate the remaining monies directly to The Humane Society of Hastings and Prince Edward County to help other animals in need.

We urge you to please sponsor Trigger's hip surgery, his quality of life depends on it. We want, more than anything, to see Trigger enjoying his social life again; running and playing with all his furry friends.